Firstly select an appropriate mould. Use a traditional decorative metal or plastic mold. Also choosing a mold that is the same volume as your recipe, in this case a 7 or 8 cup mold, will make unmolding easier.
To determine the volume of the moulds, measure first with water. most recipes give an indication of the size of the mould needed.
Use less water in preparing gelatin  for moulding. For a 4serving package, reduce the cold water by 1/4 cup. The adjustment has been made in recipes in this book.
To arrange fruits or vegetables in moulds, chill jelly until slightly thickened. pour gelatin into mould to about 1/4 inch depth. Arrange fruits or vegetables in decorative pattern in gelatin. Chill until set but not firm, then pour remaining thickened jelly over pattern in mould.
To create layers in your mould, refrigerate each layer until the gelatin is set but not firm before adding the next layer. The gelatin should be relatively firm but stick to your fingers when touched. If the lower layer is too firm, the layers will not adhere to each other and may slip apart.

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